Lunch Menu


Meat Dishes


Butterflied leg of lamb with garlic, lemon, rosemary, roasted red peppers & feta cheese
Butterflied and deboned leg of lamb marinated and cooked with garlic, lemon, bay leaf, rosemary, roasted red peppers and crumbled feta cheese


Baby back ribs with orange & ginger glaze
Pork baby back spare ribs with Asian orange and ginger glaze


Lamb chops with herb & almond pesto

Barbecued Portuguese lamb chops served with almond, basil, parsley, mint, balsamic and olive oil pesto


Rib eye & asparagus with teriyaki sauce
Portuguese rib eye steak with asparagus, teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds can be made with alternative steaks


Moroccan flavoured chicken kebabs
Chicken marinated and cooked with cumin, paprika, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, garlic, lemon and olive oil


Fish Dishes


Coriander & lime salmon
Salmon cooked with coriander, garlic and lime sauce


Sweet potato rosti with smoked salmon salad
Large sweet potato rosti topped with cucumber, smoked salmon, mayonnaise, dill, lemon and avocado oil


Crispy calamari rings
Portuguese calamari rings coated with batter and served with lemon and garlic mayonnaise


Coconut king prawn curry
Fragrant coconut king prawn curry made with coconut milk, coriander, cumin, ginger, garlic and turmeric spice


Orange teriyaki salmon
Salmon with orange teriyaki sauce and roasted red onions


Red mullet with sauce vierge
Fresh locally caught red mullet fillets with diced tomatoes, garlic, red onion, chives, tarragon, dill, coriander seeds and olive oil sauce vierge


Salmon summer rolls with hoisin & peanut dipping sauce
Flaked salmon, with vermicelli noodles, pea shoots, spring onions, coriander, mint wrapped in translucent rice paper noodles served with hoisin, peanut butter, ginger and chilli dipping sauce


Tuna red peppers & avocado salsa
Portuguese caught tuna steak served with fresh chunky avocado salsa


Salad & Side Dishes


Asparagus with marinated roasted red peppers feta & olives
Asparagus with roasted red peppers, feta cheese and olives marinated with balsamic, honey, oregano, garlic and olive oil


Avocado steak salad with mango vinaigrette
Avocado, Romaine lettuce, spring onions, red peppers, mozzarella and sirloin steak salad with mango vinaigrette


Broccoli mangetout & sesame salad
Broccoli, mangetout and green beans and coriander with honey, soy, sesame oil, sesame seeds, garlic, mirin and tahini dressing


Lentil courgette & mint salad
Green lentils, courgettes, mint, sunflower seeds and avocado with lime and olive oil dressing


Chilled carrots with tahini & ginger dressing
Carrots with garlic, ginger, tahini, coriander and extra virgin olive oil dressing


Chopped Thai noodle salad with peanut dressing
Noodles, chicken, kale, carrots, peppers, coriander, spring onions and cashew nuts salad with soya sauce, garlic, honey, sesame oil, ginger, lime and peanut butter dressing


Cherry tomato salad with basil dressing
Cherry tomatoes with basil dressing


Crispy chilli beef on little gem cups
Fillet steak strips cooked in chilli, garlic, ginger, Chinese five spice served on little gem lettuce cups


Halloumi & roasted pepper salad
Roasted red peppers, halloumi with a lemon, olive oil and parsley dressing


Mediterranean pesto carrot noodle salad 
Spiralized carrots with mint, basil, spinach, garlic, tahini, lemon and olive oil pesto mixed with cucumbers, chickpeas, tomatoes, olives and dill


Roast beetroot with feta
Roasted beetroot, thyme, chives and feta cheese


Roast salmon & king prawn salad with summer leaves & Marie Rose dressing
Salmon, king prawns, little gem lettuce, watercress and cress salad with Mari Rose dressing


Quinoa & feta salad with roasted vegetables
Quinoa with roasted peppers, courgettes, red onions, garlic, parsley and crumbled feta cheese with lemon and olive oil


Caprese frittata
Caprese frittata made with eggs, cherry tomatoes, garlic, milk, parmesan & mozzarella cheese, basil and basil pesto


Pesto courgette noodles with oven dried cherry tomatoes & chicken
Spiralized courgette noodles with slow oven dried cherry tomatoes, chicken and basil pesto

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