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Welcome to Golden Triangle Catering. I offer you and your guests my private chef services within the privacy of your own residence. I am a family style private chef my food is down to earth. I make all the food fresh daily, my produce is sourced locally when possible. My food ranges from Mediterranean - International flavoured style dishes/cuisine. I provide a full & professional service further details you can view on my website. I work alone and have limited availabilty please contact me in advance. On return I will send you my latest menus & full details. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you for taking the time to visit my website.




Catering Services


Please take the time to read all information below: 


Private chef services catering for:


  • Breakfast, lunch & Dinner
  • Barbecue
  • Freshly cooked food for delivery
  • Golf tours with early morning t-off breakfast times available
  • Food shopping service if you need your shopping doing I can do it and deliver


To book my service:


Please contact me with your full requirements through my contact page. I will message you back as soon as possible, I am very quick to respond when available. I will send you my latest menus for you to look through based on your requirements. I will send you a quotation for my services only this will not include the food costs. If you make some selections from my menus I will estimate the food costs for you. This will give you a total estimated food cost and my quotation costs. 


Once we have agreed the menu, estimated food cost, service quotation. I will ask for a deposit based on the estimated food costs for your selected menu & dishes. The deposit I will use to purchase your food for your menu.


On the day of your booking I will make the shopping, prepare some of the food in my kitchen. I will make my travel to your residence then I start to prepare in your kitchen, set the table, serve your meal. I clean, clear during my work and prior to me leaving.  I wil supply you with a breakdown of the food shopping costs, my service rate and any change from the food shopping. This is all for you to keep including all ingredients that I use to prepare your meal. I buy all the ingredients individually to make your meal and leave for you to keep. I will leave all left over food in your fridge and correctly stored away so you can eat again in the next days. If you are leaving and do not wish to take the food or ingredients with you I can donate or use the food. 


Service includes:


I offer a full service which includes menu planning, shopping, preparing your menu, set & serve at your table, clean & clear during my work and prior to me leaving your residence. I am very clean, tidy, respectful for each kitchen I work within. I treat each kitchen as I treat my own with very high hygiene standards, I leave it very clean, tidy, take all rubbish & recylce. 


I do not supply any crockery, plates etc, I use what is available within your residence I bring my own knives and utensils for me to work with to prepare and cook the food. I use all the pans and equipment within your residence if there is insufficient cooking equipment please if possible tell me in advance. Most villas/houses are very well equiped to date I have never had a problem I can improvise well. 


Please upon my arrival if possible make some space in the fridge, so I can put the food from my cooling bags straight into your fridge. 












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