Golden Triangle Catering strives to produce fresh healthy food with a professional & friendly service.


Catering Services


Catering offered for the following:


  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Barbecue's
  • Fresh food delivery - If you need a lasagna cooked and delivered no problem please just ask!
  • Food for when you arrive at your villa if you are flying in late 
  • Freezer filling food
  • Household food shopping 
  • Bespoke menus available
  • Golfers - Very early breakfast before tee off times no problem, barbecue, dinners please contact me for reliable service further details below


 I do not cater for:


  • Weddings
  • Large groups as I work alone
  • Hen & Stag parties
  • I do not cover Albufeira area unless I have catered for you before


Please take the time to read all information below:


Meal types & Guidelines:


Breakfast - Continental style, fresh fruits, pastries, fresh breads, juices, smoothies and a daily hot dish
Lunch - relaxed dining selection of fresh local fish and meat dishes with a selection of salads and side dishes
Dinner - 2, 3 or 4 course dinner can be formal or relaxed family style dining
Barbecue - A selection of meat and fish dishes with a selection of salads & side dishes


Golf Catering:

I offer early morning breakfasts very early not a problem at all, I work with golfers who would like breakfast everyday and then one dinner in the week. Or breakfasts and dinners many options to fit in with your requirements, I understand that this is an important part of your golf week. I offer a very reliable, honest and professional service I do not let your group down not turn up early mornings as I understand the importance of breakfast before tee off without your group having to stress and worry if your chef will turn up or not. I have many options and bespoke services available please contact me for further and full details.


The Food:

The food I create and cook is fresh using locally sourced produce. I have good local suppliers for fresh Algarve fish, Portuguese meats and locally grown vegetables. My style of food ranges from International - Mediterranean style cuisines. I also cater for vegetarian, vegan, raw food and special dietary requirements. All the food I create is freshly made on the day of your booking. I offer family style dining is down to earth, fresh, healthy and well presented, I do not offer fine dining or Michelin style cuisine.


To book my services:

When you contact me through my website contact page, I will look at your requirements and send you the relevant menus. I will also send you a quotation for my services only. This does not include the food costs to give you an estimation of food costs I will ask you to make selections from my menus. Then I will create the menu for you send it across with the estimated food costs. Please do not book my services and then when I try and contact you again you do not respond to my emails, I  have no other source of income this is my work. So if I have other clients who would like to book my services and you have booked and reserved a date and then you cannot commit to your booking please do not contact me in the first instance. If you book my services and then cancel a minimum of two weeks prior to your booking I will still charge you the full amount for my services.  



Once we agreed your estimated food costs and my rate of service. I will then ask you for a deposit based on your estimated food costs. I will require your deposit 6 weeks minimum prior to your booking date or before to confirm your booking date into my schedule. Once I have received your deposit then I will book and confirm you into my schedule. The deposit is then used to purchase your food for your meal, I will send you a receipt for your deposit transfer. I will also supply all food shopping receipts on the day of your booking once I have finished your food shopping. If you cancel your booking then the deposit will be non-refundable.


Worldwide Bookings Available:

I am based in the Algarve, I work with many clients outside of the Algarve and travel worldwide, there is no problem for me to travel and research places to source foods. I offer a full service when working for you breakfast, lunch and dinner, household food shopping and running your kitchen for you.


The benefits of having me as your private chef, I offer a very professional service from when you make first contact with me. I am very quick to respond, my food is fresh, healthy, down to earth using freshly produce and local to the area I am in. I am very clean, smart and like my kitchen and your kitchen to be the same. I leave the kitchen clean and tidy and I take pride in this. I do all the shopping, preparing, cooking, set and serve at your table and clean and clear. Sometimes clients require light housework, driving, errands and some other duties from cooking. This is not a problem for me I can take on any duty to help when and where needed without any problems no job is too small for me. I am an all around person, I have a can do attitude, I am very hard working and an asset to any private household team.


I would also like to mention that I like to look after the environment I recycle all waste and do as many things as possible to keep a low carbon footprint in my work and daily life. I think this is important as products that I use within the kitchen and my work can be harmful to our environment if not used and disposed of correctly. 






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