Golden Triangle Catering strives to produce fresh healthy food with a professional & friendly service.


Catering Services


Catering offered for the following:


  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Barbecue's
  • Freshly cooked food for delivery       
  • Catering for golfers very early morning breakfast available and more catering available around your golf tour times



Please take the time to read all information below: 


To book my services:

When you contact me through my website contact page, I will look at your requirements and send you the relevant menus. I will also send you a quotation for my services only the quotation does not include the food costs. To give you an estimation of food costs I will ask you to make selections from my menus, I will then create the menu for you based on your food selections, I will also then estimate the food costs for you. 



Once we agreed your estimated food costs and my rate of service. I will ask you for a deposit based on the estimated food costs. I will require your deposit 6 weeks minimum prior to your booking date or before to confirm your booking date into my schedule. Once I have received your deposit then I will book and confirm you into my schedule. The deposit will then be used to purchase your food for your meal. I will send you a receipt for your deposit transfer on the day I supply all food shopping receipts, full breakdown of costs and any change.

If you do decide to cancel your booking, my service rate will be deducted from from your deposit. I will reimburse you the difference with any charges taken out to send your deposit back once my rate, transfer fees have been deducted. I do not like to cancel bookings or have bookings cancelled on me. If for any reason this cannot be helped I will just send your deposit back or can arrange to have it delivered back to you in person. I am very open, honest, I have a good understanding and sometimes situations happen on both sides. 






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