Golden Triangle Catering strives to produce fresh healthy food with a professional & friendly service.


Catering Services


Catering offered for the following:


  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Barbecue
  • Fresh food for delivery - If you would just like a lasagna pre-cooked & delivered please ask!              
  • Pre-cooked food for delivery menu available I pre-cook the food and you reheat in your kitchen 
  • Household food shopping
  • Freezer filling
  • Catering for golfers very early morning breakfast available and more catering available around your golf tour times


 I do not cater for:


  • Weddings
  • Large groups or parties as I work alone unless it is simple menus and manageable for me. 


Please take the time to read all information below: 


To book my services:

When you contact me through my website contact page, I will look at your requirements and send you the relevant menus. I will also send you a quotation for my services only. This does not include the food costs to give you an estimation of food costs I will ask you to make selections from my menus. Then I will create the menu for you send it across with the estimated food costs. Please do not book my services and then when I try and contact you again you do not respond to my emails, I  have no other source of income this is my work. So if I have other clients who would like to book my services and you have booked and reserved a date and then you cannot commit to your booking please do not contact me in the first instance. If you book my services and then cancel a minimum of two weeks prior to your booking I will still charge you the full amount for my services.  



Once we agreed your estimated food costs and my rate of service. I will ask you for a deposit based on your estimated food costs. I will require your deposit 6 weeks minimum prior to your booking date or before to confirm your booking date into my schedule. Once I have received your deposit then I will book and confirm you into my schedule. The deposit will then be used to purchase your food for your meal. I will send you a receipt for your deposit transfer on the day I supply all food shopping receipts, full breakdown of costs and any change.

If you do decide to cancel your booking, my service rate will be deducted from from your deposit. I will reimburse you the difference with any charges taken out to send your deposit back once my rate, transfer fees have been deducted. I do not like to cancel bookings or have bookings cancelled on me. If for any reason this cannot be helped I will just send your deposit back or can arrange to have it delivered back to you in person. I am very open, honest, I have a good understanding and sometimes situations happen on both sides. 


Worldwide Bookings Always Available:

I am based in the Algarve, I work with many clients outside of the Algarve I travel worldwide, there is no problem for me to travel I will research the area I am in to source local produce/foods. I offer a full service I can offer breakfast, lunch & dinner, household food shopping services, I will take care of all your catering/food requirements. 


The benefits of having me as your private chef, I am very professional, my food is fresh, healthy and down to earth/ I use fresh produce local to the area I am in. I am very clean and smart I like to wok in a clean, tidy, organised & hygienic  kitchen.

I leave will leave the kitchen clean, tidy I take pride in this. I will do all the shopping, preparing, cooking, set & serve at your table, clean and clear. Some of clients may require light housework, driving, errands and some other duties other than cooking. I am very open to many requests, I am organised, open minded & multi talented.  


My Food:

I like to cook various different styles and flavours of food. My style of cooking is family style which is down to earth, fresh and well presented. I am not a fine dining or Michelin style chef, I do not do any fancy plating artwork or amazing garnishes this is not my style. I am very down to earth in my cooking I cook simple foods, I cook simple foods as I like to get the best produce I can for your chosen budget. I think keeping my food simple I can the create the best tasting food I can as I am not over complicating the food and flavours. I use all natural flavourings to enhance the produce that I buy, cook & present.


I use all local food suppliers in Portugal when available. My food I create/cook is freshly made daily I use natural fresh herbs, spices & marinades. If you are looking for very fine dining/Michelin star experience I am sorry this is not me or my style of cooking. My style is very natural, I enjoy only working with natural foods and natural flavourings this is very important to me.


I am very passionate about the food I cook and very passionate about providing the best service always. I do work hard, I am very discreet, clean, tidy and very well organised. I respect every different kitchen that I work within, I take pride in my food I take pride in providing always a professional service. I make sure I use the best natural ingredients for each clients allocated budget.


If you have any specific requirements and or any suggestions for food that you like please do not hesitate to ask. I used to cook for vegan, vegetarian, plant based & special dietary foods. I found that there was little response & interest in these foods, I have taken these menus off my website. So from now on I am just concentrating on standard, simple foods which what I have been requested & find most popular to cook.



I would also like to mention that I always recycle all the packaging that all food items are presented in. I will also recycle all products during my time cooking for you. Portugal and the Algarve has very good free recycling points and bins in most public areas. Please make sure you try and recycle it takes a few mins daily and when you go out you will pass most times recycling points available for you to deposit all of your recycling. I also use all chemical free cleaning products so there is no chemical waste entering our beautiful Mother Earth, Gaia, please also think about using these products as they are becoming more and more available. You can find chemical free products in all good health stores and online.  You can use chemical free cleaning products, natural products for washing clothes and personal hygiene toiletries. These will all leave no chemicals going to the water systems and infecting again our Mother Earth, Gaia. Using natural beauty, toiletries & plant based products for you, your skin and personally will keep you feeling healthy & loving. Not only will you be helping yourself, others, Mother Earth, Gaia. You will also feel very satisfied and have a nice sense of achievement.


Thank you for your understanding, blessings & love to you all. 




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