About Food Delivery


Due to the current climate I can prepare freshly pre-cooked foods for  you and your guests at home. This is a safe option if you are requiring private catering at your home with minimal outside contact. 


I offer various selection of dishes all pre-cooked or ready to for you to cook. All food is freshly made daily when you make your selections. I can also make foods to stock up your freezer so all you have to do is defrost and cook in the oven. 


All the food is cleanly prepared, packaged and delivered in a maximum cleanliness way hygiene is very important to me and for your foods



How I work


I will send you my pre-cooked food for delivery menu. You can email me with your orders for food, amounts and any food requests that you may have. 

I make all the shopping, preparations, pre-cook the food and package all the food, labelled with cooking instructions & timings. I arrange a suitable time for delivery unload and pack away the food in your fridge or freezer. 

I can also arrange a suitable time to meet at your villa with all my personal protection to discuss your food requirements. 

I also offer a shopping service if you would like to send me your list of requirements for food and any other items I can make your shopping for you and deliver. 

If you have any specific requirements for food that are not on my menus please do not hesitate to ask and I can cater to your likes. 

Please contact me in advance I require one weeks prior notice.































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